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“Puentes mission is to be an innovator in the development of comprehensive, collaborative and culturally relativistic initiatives that seek to provide permanent, sustainable solutions through addressing root causes, disparities and inequities in our social order.”

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  • Thank you so much for helping assist me with my chap application. Today I received an email from my case worker stating my application was approved. My children and I are more than great full. The application process and waiting for an approval was very scary for me and I appreciate you following up with me to see how things were going through this hard time. Again we thank you and appreciate you.

  • My family and I will like to thank you for helping us in such a difficult situation. Sherri, Thank you for answering my calls and meeting with me. You seem to enjoy your job and helping others.We only hope that you keep helping other families as well. God bless you.                            

    Family Tecaxco Gomez 
  • Hello, I am a Las Vegas resident and I wanted to express on how amazingly I've been helped by Puentes. They helped us in every way you can think of to get back on our feet . I never ever experienced being homeless in my life before and at the time I was only 22 years old . This was maybe an eye opener, a lesson , a reason to start new or just simply our life took a wrong turn, But it was most definitely something that made me a strong person to never be in the situation again. I didn't know where my family and I will be at the next day but by any means as soon I was connected to this organization, I had all the help I needed . A place to stay and a way to help find work. All the people who had anything to do with the help they gave my family and I do not go unnoticed. But I remember the day I got a way to Puentes I was stressing so badly of where my babies will sleep, eat, or even go. So, once I was helped in every single way, I can imagine how stressful it can be to just simply do their job and not only that but to show they loved what they did showed they were there for us. They made me feel safe by the way they gave us a way of life again. To start new and all over. I can't imagine where my family and I would've been without Puentes. We are so thankful and grateful for it all cause now I'm at peace in my home where they helped me get to . Day by day but reminding me I can do it again and that I can always count on them for any kind of help again . These people are truly appreciated.

    Arlene L.
  • We here at Young Women’s Leadership Academy of Las Vegas, would like to personally thank you for your generous donations of 96 patio chairs, 48 couches and patio tables, 32 mattresses and 24 lounge chairs. With your help we were able to provide beds to families in need, give furniture for those without, adorn our school, and at the end of it all implement a sense of comfort and community to our scholars and their loved ones. This moment will forever be solidified in our minds and that of our families. You all have turned houses into homes. Your kindness will not be taken for granted. We cannot express to you enough how grateful we are to have received this charitable donation.
    We thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate everything that you have done. It is truly an honor to partner with this organization.

    With gradtitude,

    Whitney at YWLA Las Vegas
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